Visual Annotations

A salute of deep gratitude to the people at William Morrow/HarperCollins for their belief in this book. Our publisher’s commitment to this project grew right along with an ever-lengthening manuscript. It is no small venture to print full-color graphic works. So eventually a fair accommodation had to be made.

It was not possible to reserve room at the back of The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation for proper chapter notes. (Nor for a Recommended Reading section).

For the interested and fact-checking minded, links to “visual” chapter notes are included below.

The links will bring you to a new page with an embedded document viewer. A slider bar will appear at the right for you to navigate. Or, you may hover your mouse over the document and navigate that way. These embedded documents may take a few moments to load.

In the visual annotations, images from the book are excerpted and indexed by page with the accompanying note and/or work cited, as follows:



For those who have not seen the book yet, skimming these sections may give you a good impression of the approach, the artwork, and the level of scholarship.

Notes for pages 1-55

Notes for pages 56-110

Notes for pages 111-165

Notes for pages 166-221


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  1. Brian Martin says:

    Jonathan – I met you a few years back at Comic-Con as I had worked with Aaron on some pages for a graphic novel pitch.

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to see you two pair up again! Will be sure to purchase ASAP! One question – will there be a motion comic as well? The trailer was great and led me to believe there might be one, but maybe that was just for the trailer?

    Congrats to you both!!!