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It starts when we are the youngest of school children and continues throughout our lives. The warm, familiar refrain of “Four score and seven years ago” is repeated often enough to become part of the soundtrack of American life. But never before have we experienced Lincoln’s masterwork like this: with bold pictures to draw out an even fuller meaning from those unforgettable words.

This fully-illustrated graphic adaptation offers an entirely new look at one of the most important speeches in American history: a speech burdened with the weighty task of having to hearten and inspire a divided nation.

THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION (William Morrow, 9780061969768) by Jonathan Hennessey and Aaron McConnell, does this by building on the elegant, chronological structure in which Lincoln coded his words. The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation dissects each portion of the Address to reexamine the entire Civil War and meditate on its place in our history. “Four Score and Seven Years Ago” is thus expanded into a standalone chapter that explores the ideology of the American Revolution — which the Confederacy used to justify secession and the Union used to force the South to stay. The chapter “Our Fathers” carries us forward in time to the Early Republic and challenges the preconceived notion that our two founding documents are in harmony with each other. Lincoln’s phrases help argue that the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are actually in violent opposition: an explosive state of play that made the Civil War inevitable.

“We Are Met on a Great Battlefield of that War” retells the Battle of Gettysburg itself: a clash so momentous that it all but forced our 16th President to leave Washington and make a rare public appeal. Later chapters like “A New Birth of Freedom” follow the narrative all the way through Reconstruction to Civil Rights. The book wraps up with a provocative and alarming case that the causes and effects of the Civil War still smolder in our most heated political arguments today. Hennessey and McConnell draw on fascinating first-hand accounts of Americans living across three centuries, and use the details of individual families, soldiers, leaders, and slaves to create rich dramatizations from many perspectives.

With the anniversary of The Battle of Gettysburg coming up on July 1st through 3rd, this is the perfect book to pick up to help refresh your memory of one of the most pivotal moments in American history!