Thank You, Slate Political Gabfest!

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Podcasts. They’re big in my life. I came tardy to the party of listening to podcasts the “right” way. But in the past there has been audio content of which I’ve been so enamored that I have even rigged up a radio to a VCR in order to record programs — audio on a black TV screen! — when I couldn’t be there to listen to them. (And then transferred the VHS tape audio to a cassette to be played in a Sony Walkman. That’s dating me pretty severely, and really outing me as a talk radio nerd, I know. One personality I was really into for a while denigrated the likes of myself as a corps of sniveling “VCR Petters.”).

Do I have a favorite podcast? I do. It’s the Slate Political Gabfest. And I’m thrilled that Slate editor and show co-host David Plotz saw fit to “chatter” about the book today. Plotz and co-host John Dickerson speculated about the legacy of the Battle of Gettysburg back in July 2013, and what they said was so compelling I had to send them books. Thank you for being such a welcome audience.

Look for the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you download or stream podcasts. You can also click on the image above to be brought directly to the show’s page. The bit about the book is at 50:38.

Slate is furthermore planning to excerpt a chapter of the book for the coming sesquicentennial of the Gettysburg Address on or around November 19th.

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